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10/07/2007 / 11:44:14 pm - 3d wrote:

Hey Alex aka BeatSlaughter, du hast mir gerade im Renoise-Chat mit dem midiout-dings geholfen, vielen Dank nochmal - EnergyXT erfüllt seinen Zweck 1a, supeeer!

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09/14/2007 / 09:25:56 pm - Marcus wrote:

Hi Alex,

nice conversation we had at kvr.
Hope we will stay in contact.



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06/13/2007 / 12:54:29 pm - BreemiX wrote:

thanxs for your great programm xrns-listvst, it is very usefull!
My music project is made around Renoise, and I have used FasttrackerII a lot.
i have been in SDCompo #10, where you can listen to my song.
Great music you have here,

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05/16/2007 / 10:13:29 am - Markus wrote:

Thank you for the great beta testing!

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05/06/2007 / 09:07:35 pm - eviL wrote:

You´re a great guy. I´m glad to chat with you on a daily basis :D

Thanks for sharing with me your CM knowledge :)

Also like your tunes a lot.
I look forward to make some remix of your work.


05/03/2007 / 09:26:05 pm - DJ TerraByte wrote:

Hi, I would like to say that I have the same timeline -> screamtracker, impulsetracker -> renoise :)

Ahh those were great years!
Trackers 4ever!

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03/05/2007 / 12:30:38 pm - Sagosen wrote:

Well, here I'm sitting in Berlin looking at the webpage of a Berliner. :)

Good stuff!
Now I'm off to explore this city, mwaha.

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02/14/2007 / 01:10:43 pm - Ashkan Asgary wrote:

The XRNS-LISTVST is cool and helpful, just wanted to thank you. :)

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12/04/2006 / 06:56:47 pm - BassBurger wrote:

Yeah, great!!!!!
but who cares ;)
C ya, de Burger

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10/02/2006 / 02:43:43 am - Miz @ CFX Music wrote:

Good to have met you! Lots of music ideas traded on IRC, and loved all the music you linked me too (especially your own!)

I'm not very good, but I'm getting better. ;P


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