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08/20/2006 / 10:54:15 pm - cosmictrance wrote:

Nice site dude. I really like the style. Finish your snippets soon! I want them ;)

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08/15/2006 / 01:47:05 pm - h2o wrote:

really shitty tunes ... noise

i shudder to hear this audio ... farting into a mic sounds better

Answer from Beatslaughter: Instead of just ranting around you might have provided constructive criticism, btw. i've fixed the link for you.

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07/13/2006 / 08:17:27 am - Ali Imran wrote:

Very nice and clean site, most importantly without any popup ads and moving banners. It is easy for all kind of users to browse and understand, and is easy to find stuff of interest.

One suggestion :
On guestbook's main page the link name is 'Create a new guestbook entry', I think if it was 'Post Comments' then it will look more easy and understandable, just a thought.

a little bug in guestbook, when you submit entry with single or double quotes in Message, and email is wrong, it comes back with all text and says email is wrong, but the quotes are added a slash behind, I hope you manage to add stripslashes before printing back.

And thanks Alexander for helping me with WINAPI program.


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07/10/2006 / 01:00:09 am - mr_mark_dollin wrote:

Nice warm design, I like the rope-like pictures upleft. Keep those ice-crystals coming.. :P -Foo?

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07/09/2006 / 08:08:13 pm - trepain wrote:

Really terrific job with your website. Very stylish and easy to navigate. Cannot wait to listen to more of your music as well. Cheers!

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07/09/2006 / 10:09:27 am - alexstrain wrote:

Thanks for the link-love. Returning the favour now...

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07/09/2006 / 03:00:16 am - sharku wrote:

Woah! love your music man! And thanks for the renoise wallpaper. Enjoying it on my desktop tight now. :)

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07/09/2006 / 02:10:51 am - keith303 wrote:

congrats to your nice homesite.
it absolutely does your music justice.
keep it up!

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06/30/2006 / 10:04:15 am - Marc Shake wrote:

Nice work. Now I am gonna download ALL of your music ;)

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06/26/2006 / 09:46:41 pm - Beatslaughter wrote:

Happy spamming, i'm waiting for your feedback. :D

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