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My Music

Achenar & Beatslaughter - Salvage Works

01 Achenar - Taxation
02 Achenar - Psychic Appliance
03 Achenar - The Debris Well
04 Beatslaughter - Contaminated
05 Beatslaughter - Memories
06 Beatslaughter - Fear In the Dark

Playing time: 23:12 mins
Style: Industrial / Dark Ambient


Beatslaughter - Serenity EP

01 Beatslaughter - Serenity
02 Beatslaughter - Bliss
03 Beatslaughter - Help Me
04 Beatslaughter - Serenity (Re-focused Mix by Skin Contact)

Playing time: 23:07 mins
Style: Ambient / IDM / Breakbeat


Beatslaughter - Message From Io

Dark ambient track done for the compilation "Worst-Case Scenarios", which got released on Intelligent Machinery netlabel.

Playing time: 8:25 mins
Style: Dark Ambient

Download MP3 (ca. 19,6mb)

Beatslaughter - Fear In The Dark (Dark Ambient Mix)

A creepy sounding ambient track released on the Interface Vol.2 compilation. In case you're wondering... yes, another version of this song exists which is currently unreleased though.

Playing time: 3:09 mins
Style: Dark Ambient

Download OGG (ca. 4,5mb)

Beatslaughter - Frozen Dawn

A rushed song made for a compo held by Tonehammer. Didn't made it into the finalists selection but it's still worth a listen.

Playing time: 3:12 mins
Style: Cinematic Dubstep, Soundtrack

Download MP3 (ca. 5,8mb)
Download XRNS (ca. 5,3mb)

Beatslaughter - The Void Can Be Heard

A calm soundscape made as a sound demo for friend.

Playing time: 5:47 mins
Style: Ambient, Drone

Download OGG (ca. 5,8mb)

Beatslaughter vs Tenda - Psydrums

A techno song made together with Tenda. The XRNS is included as demo project in Renoise 2.

Playing time: 4:25 mins
Style: Techno, Psy

Download OGG (ca. 5,3mb)

Beatslaughter - Siedepunkt

A dark techno song made for the compilation Interface Vol. 1.

Playing time: 5:34 mins
Style: Techno

Download OGG (ca. 7mb)

Beatslaughter & ptrance^raYn / BluFlame - Crowbar Massacre

Here is a collaboration song between ptrance^raYn from the demo group BluFlame and myself. The song was done for the demo party Evoke 2008 and ranked 7th in the OGG/MP3 competition.

Playing time: 3:33 mins
Style: Drum and Bass

Download OGG (ca. 4,5mb)

Beatslaughter - The Reckless Pursuit Of Utopia

This is my entry for the Mutant Breaks Competition. The XRNS file is the compo version, while the OGG file was remastered. Also this song will be released on a compilation by Brown Coffee Recordings in October.

Playing time: 5:24 mins
Style: Experimental / Breakbeat

Download OGG (ca. 6,7mb)
Download XRNS (ca. 1,4mb)

Beatslaughter - Prepare

Originally meant as intro for another project, this one got sorted out. It rested for a while on my harddisk, but i've now decided to put it out in the wild.

Playing time: 2:17 mins
Style: Breakbeat

Download OGG (ca. 2,7mb)

Beatslaughter - Machinery Torment

Not much to say about this one. Dark and athmospheric hardcore playing at a moderate speed of 220 BPM.

Playing time: 5:07 mins
Style: 220 BPM Hardcore

Download OGG (ca. 6,7mb)

Beatslaughter - Innere Leere

This song was exclusively done for the compilation "Cycles [CAM100]" released on the Camomille netlabel. If you prefer MP3 format, you can get it there.

Playing time: 6:14 mins
Style: Experimental / Chillout

Download OGG (ca. 7,6mb)

Beatslaughter - How Can One Raindrop Make A Tide

This song was an entry for a competition held by Camel Audio at KVR. The XRNS version requires Renoise 1.9 (demo works too), Camel Crusher VST and NI Absynth 4 with all the Camel demo banks installed, which are available at their website. This song was amongst the winning entries.

Playing time: 2:58 mins
Style: Breakbeat / Chillout

Download MP3 (ca. 3,4mb)
Download XRNS (ca. 1mb)

Beatslaughter - Unknown Species

This song was my entry for the "Renoise BeatBattle 5" competition. It placed 3rd out of 54 entries. Click here to see the results. The source project of this song is available too.

Playing time: 5:46 mins
Style: Breakbeat

Download OGG (ca. 7,4mb)
Download XRNS (ca. 4mb)

Beatslaughter - Spring Rain

This song was my entry for the " - Contest #4" competition. This time i've managed to get the first place. Many thanks to Junebug again.

Playing time: 6:32 mins
Style: Melodic Breaks / Experimental

Download MP3 (ca. 11,6mb)

Beatslaughter - My Cat Ate A Dog

This song was my entry for the " - Contest #3" competition. It got second place and i've won a nice software package. Many thanks to Junebug.

Playing time: 4:28 mins
Style: Drum and Bass

Download MP3 (ca. 9,4mb)

Beatslaughter feat. Achenar - Tag, We're It

This track is a collaboration between the very talented artist Achenar and myself. Achenar has written and performed the lyrics, i've done the music. Enjoy an energetic combination of different styles.

This track is now officially released on the Gama Compilation [RC025] at the Ronin Collective netlabel. If you prefer MP3 format, you can get it there.

Playing time: 3:57 mins
Style: Experimental / Breaks / Industrial

Download OGG (ca. 4,4mb)

Beatslaughter - Project Apollo

Not really a song, but dark and creepy sounding atmosphere. This one was created while experimenting with some audio tools and found to be nice enough to be finished.

Now officially released at the Drone Download Project #134 at Dark Duck Records.

Playing time: 9:41 mins
Style: Ambient / Drone

Download OGG (ca. 8,5mb)

Beatslaughter - Forgotten Woods

This song was made for the Developia Kompositionswettbewerb 3 (German Site). The goal was to produce a game soundtrack for a fictitious fantasy role playing game fighting scene. If you need music for your game and want to use this track, contact me. This song was intended to be played looped.

Playing time: 1:33 mins
Style: Game Soundtrack

Download OGG (ca. 2,1mb)

Beatslaughter - Ice Crystals

This song was made for the Renoise BeatBattle 4 Winter Competition, it placed 13th out of 51 submissions. You can download the original Renoise project file, or an enhanced OGG version, where i've used some VST plugins, which wasn't allowed in the compo.

This track is now officially released on the Gama Compilation [RC025] at the Ronin Collective netlabel. If you prefer MP3 format, you can get it there.

Playing time: 3:57 mins
Style: Trip Hop

Download OGG (ca. 3,5mb)
Download RNS (ca. 2,8mb)


Skin Contact - Not Convinced (Beatslaughter's Human Blood Remix)

Here is a remix i've done for the artist Skin Contact. It's loosely based on the original version and takes the song into a totally new direction.

Playing time: 5:11 mins
Style: Dub, Industrial Noise

Download OGG (ca. 6,2mb)

Guest Releases

Alex Strain - Breakcore Set

This is a short breakcore set, which was produced and mixed by the australian Alex Strain. Be sure to visit his site at:

Playing time: 15:33 mins
Style: Breakcore

Download OGG (ca. 19mb)