Here you'll find a complete history of all news items i've posted in the past.


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01/02/2007 / 04:31:39 pm

My last minute entry for the " - Contest #3" competition is now online.


12/31/2006 / 04:21:37 pm

XRNS ListVST was updated to version 1.01, hopefully fixing two bugs.


12/22/2006 / 10:03:55 pm

The tool XRNS ListVST was updated to version 1.0. It is now a full GUI driven program and replaces the old commandline version. You can find it at the extras page.


11/24/2006 / 02:02:17 pm

The songs "Tag, We're It" and "Ice Crystals", are now officially released on the Gama Compilation [RC025] at the
Ronin Collective netlabel.


11/18/2006 / 02:05:47 pm

A new collaboration song between the very talented Achenar and me, is now available at the music page.


10/01/2006 / 09:49:08 pm

I have added a new section called "Software" to the extras page. The first program is a little commandline tool, which lists the used VST plugins of Renoise songs.

Also the guestbook was updated, new entries are now visible after manual approval, this helps preventing spam entries. I hope you understand this.


09/16/2006 / 10:32:35 pm

A remastered version of my Ice Crystals track is now available at the music page.


08/21/2006 / 07:09:15 pm

I've added a desert camo style theme for Renoise to the extras page.


08/13/2006 / 12:53:47 pm

A drone called "Project Apollo" was added to the music page.


08/09/2006 / 06:38:48 pm

Some minor tweaks today. Also i've removed the captcha from the guestbook and use a new protection instead, let's see if it works.