Here you'll find a complete history of all news items i've posted in the past.


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08/08/2006 / 05:07:36 pm

As you may have noticed, i've changed some parts of the website layout. Also my download counter was updated to a more tough version. Many thanks to dblue for helping me!


07/26/2006 / 05:11:51 pm

A captcha script was added to the guestbook, to help preventing spam. Sorry for any inconveniences!


07/23/2006 / 10:46:49 am

A new song called "Forgotten Woods" was added to the music page.


07/15/2006 / 11:40:13 am

The guestbook was updated again. A preview function was added.


07/13/2006 / 02:44:56 pm

Today some updates for the guestbook, the conversion from BBCode to HTML is now XHTML compatible and a small bug was fixed (thanks Ali).


07/08/2006 / 07:06:31 pm

A new section called "Wallpapers" is now available at the extras page. The first one is ready for download.


07/03/2006 / 06:19:44 pm

I've added a mail protection to the guestbook and fixed an error, adding a new entry failed. Please try again.


06/28/2006 / 06:16:47 pm

I've just uploaded a first version of my links page. If you're searching for free music, be sure to check out the Netlabels / Labels section.


06/27/2006 / 08:06:01 pm

Finally, after a long period of lazyness, i've finished building my website. I'm still working on the links page, if you're interested in a link exchange, contact me.