XRNS ListVST 1.31

Programmed by Alexander Stoica 2006 - 2008
Use info@beatslaughter.de for feedback or bug reports.


What is it?

XRNS ListVST is a small tool which displays various information about Renoise songs, and helps maintain your VST plugin collection. Some usage examples might be:

How does it work?

When opening songs, the program keeps track of a collected plugins list, this list will be checked against a list of your installed plugins. For this to work, you'll need to configure your plugin folders in the configuration dialog. The program doesn't scan automatically if something in the configured plugin folders has changed, so make sure to rescan whenever you install or uninstall a new plugin.

If a missing plugin was found, it will be added to the "Show missing plugins" tab, one can doubleclick an entry in that list, to open the standard webbrowser and start a google search using the plugin name as keyword. You also have the possibility to check the "Show unused plugins" tab for any plugins you might want to delete. Doubleclicking an entry in that list will open an explorer window with the containing folder, so one can easily uninstall or delete the plugin.

Any errors which might occur during file scanning will be reported on the "Show errors" tab.

In case one wants to clear all the lists and start fresh, one can rightclick in any of the lists and choose the "Reset" command. When you have finished building a list of songs with XRNS ListVST, you have the possibility to export all the information gathered by the tool to a summary text file.

Commandline reference

/p:       folder to scan
/f:       files to search
/s+ /s-   enable/disable scanning of subfolders, otherwise uses value selected in the configuration dialog
/e:       path to file, for exporting
/o        overwrite existing export file, will ask otherwise, works only with /e:
/q        quit program after scan, works only with /e:


xrns-listvst.exe /p:e:\test
xrns-listvst.exe /f:e:\test.xrns
xrns-listvst.exe /p:e:\test /f:*.rns;*.xrns /e:e:\test.txt /o /q

Thanks and Credits

Pelle Orinius for his patience answering my questions and his excellent C programming IDE and compiler.

Taktik of the Renoise team for tips and the RNS file support.

Vincent Fugère for the really nice banner graphic used in this program.

Miz for proof reading this document.


Version 1.31 (08/18/2008)
Version 1.3 (08/06/2008)
Version 1.21 (07/20/2008)
Version 1.2 (07/20/2008)
Version 1.1 (01/10/2007)
Version 1.01 (12/31/2006)
Version 1.0 (12/22/2006)

Legal Stuff

The sourcecode of this application was placed into the Public Domain on 08/18/08. The licenses for the used libraries Expat, Scew and LiteZIP are not affected by this and stay as is.